Conversion from PDA to Moleskine


"i’m floundering a bit in my recent conversion from pda to moleskine. what i liked about the pda [palm tungsten e2] was the size, having
everything [planner, contacts, to do’s, reference files, et. al.] in
one small package.  what i didn’t like about the pda was it’s refusal
to synchronize with the desk top and tendencies to crash. so i went back to analog.  i looked at a bunch of different planners 
and decided on the moleskine for a variety of reasons. i’m using the
large daily. the pocket daily is too small to have scheduled tasks and
to do items for each day.  i’ve tabbed the months. i have a small battery of 4×6 index cards in the back pocket for non-date/contact

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Image: "eric’s moleskine 2"
by funky fat girl @ Moleskinerie/FLiCKR.
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