"I got up at 8:00 and went for a walk. The weather was variable, like spring:
cool, breezy, then washed with warm sunlight, then with dark shadows. Tried to
look hard at everything, picked up leaves and cones to draw. Later, after lots
of breakfast, we sat at a white wrought-iron table on the lawn, and I painted
what I had collected…

At dinner I warmed my hands around a hot toddy. I
was busy pretending that it was colder than it actually was, with the fire every
night and the hot water bottles and all. A piano player stumbled through old
Hindi film songs in an almost-empty dining room (because the ‘season’ was over).
At another table the waiter asked someone, "You are full vegetarian?" and she
answered, "Not even mushrooms!"

Nancy Gandhi
Fire Star Arts