Drawing the Storm: Karen Winters on Katrina


" As Katrina formed up in the gulf, the news was dominated by dire warnings,
innumerable talking heads and a dizzying storm of clichés: mother nature’s wrath
turned trees into matchsticks and Katrina’s fury was unleashed. Will someone
please buy these people a thesaurus?

This page had an interesting and unplanned evolution. The solid blue
background was painted months ago, waiting for a topic. The newscaster was
painted with a black water soluble brush pen, scanned then colorized in
Photoshop, printed out and pasted in. The hurricane was added, along with the
text stamped with a hand-carved alphabet. I am trying to get into a rhythm of
working back and forth with digital and ‘real’ media as you’ll see in the
following pages …"

Karen Winters

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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