Meet…The Hedgehog


"This journal is sized like a small sized moleskine- 3.5X5.5 inches and a
half-inch thick. It is entirely hand bound. I start this journal with hand
folded paper and stitching. The lined warm cream colored 65lb cardstock pages
are sewn with unbleached Irish linen thread. The spine is clamped and glued by
hand with acid free glue.

After the spine is dried the book block is
then adhered to the cover using the same acid free glue. This cover is made of
smooth super soft distressed brown sheep hide. While the leather is tough it’s
super soft and smooth.this cover will take any abuse you throw at it. The book
block is smoothly glued to the cover and clamped for a secure bond and flat
covers. Just like the original moleskine this journal has a bookmark- in this
case a black satin cord. In the back of this journal is a expanding pocket for
notes and assorted ephemera. The journal is held closed with a flat black
elastic band, securely glued to the back cover…"

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8 thoughts on “Meet…The Hedgehog

  1. I worry about glue-bound spines. I know glue has to be used for the end-pages to attach to the cover but the spine in the Moleskine is threadbound (to what looks like a plastic mesh sheet of some sort, I haven’t taken one apart to find out).

    Threadbound spines will last a lot longer than a gluebound one. Over time, the glue on the spine will harden and crack. You’ll see this with a lot of old hardback books.

    I like the rest of it, though.

  2. Hola artpals,
    Wow, I’ve hit the big time!!!!
    The Hedgehog is my invention (if you can call it an invention – it was simply my DIY answer to the Moley) – if you want to make your own, come visit me at my egroup Hedgehogs Forever – I have posted LOTS of ideas, instructions and so on in the FILES. One of our group members, Jackie P., has done an excellent set of illustrated instructions, and you can find that in FILES, as well. AND!!!! There are many wonderful pictures from group members who’ve made their Hedgies and shared them with us all.
    Sheep-hide cover – what a marvellous idea, less23! Your book looks beautiful, BTW. Simply faboo.


    Live long and prosper,
    Lee Peterson (Seattle)
    aka, WireWoman
    Hedgehogs Forever group moderator

  3. Whooooaaa hold up the spine is sewn with unbleached irish linen thread, then glued!

    I’ve been making these knock offs for years and selling them on eBay for just as long.

    If you were to take apart a moleskine youd see that the sewing is nearly the same as mine. To make a moleskine or a knock off you apply a layer of glue and then add to it a layer of super- the plasticy mesh you see on the spine of the moleskline (it’s a cotton or linen mesh soaked in glue.) The Mesh is covered in a layer of glue again and the books mark is glued in.

  4. Heh heh, I just KNEW it – the idea of making your own Moley wasn’t given to just one person on the planet…and I’ll bet less23 and I aren’t the only ones who’ve done it…
    A truly great idea like the handmade “moleskine” is way too great to be limited to just a couple of artists!!!!
    I’m curious now – who else has been making their own, and for how long? I hesitate to call these books “knock-offs,” as my own experience with the HF egroup has given me an appreciation for the wide variety of glorious tweaks that people apply to the basic design. Pockets, envelopes, folding pages, popouts, bookmarks, elastic closures, button closures, spine stitch variations, various kinds of cover material, rounded pages and covers…the possibilities truly seem endless.

    So, let me not claim to be the inventor or originator of the *concept* – that would not be true – but I do believe I’m a namer – at least my own oeuvre…and I hope that I’ve started a naming trend!


    PS. I’ve also come up with a couple of other tweaks, the Pup (which resembles a Moleskine cahier notebook) and the Echidna (which is basically a Hedgehog with removable pages). More at the group page…!!!

  5. I think, I'[d have to check my notes but I’ve been making moleskine sized “knockoffs” for about 4 years. They started just like my other books- coptic sewn exposed spine with quarter leather covers.

    I started making them in the contiuous leather coverstyle shortly after I joined the HedgehogForever Yahoo group. I started with fabric covers and switched over to leather pretty quickly it’s my cover material of choice.

    I’ve also made “pups” for my own use and a half sized moleskine for my back pocket. I’ve made them with removable pages too.

    I should scan in some pictures of my old moleskines!

  6. YUMMMMMMM…coptic-stitched hedgies…
    I am getting this vision of a chunky lil’ hedgie with metallic-finished covers, waxed linen stitching and ornamental detail on the exposed signature spines…mmmmnh, warm and tingly feeling here – I’d LOVE to see your early ones, Less!


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