Moleskine on the Menu


"…I tried using a Michelin Guide once, but it wasn’t nearly as useful
as I’d hoped, in part because my French was rusty, but also because the
guides don’t actually provide much description of each listing.
Fortunately, the web community will be sure to blog the 3-star
winner(s) to death.

Michelin’s inspectors have been paying
anonymous visits to 1,200 NYC restaurants since February. During this
time, I have been tempted, on more than one occasion, to stroll into
some of NYC’s finest restaurant with a Moleskine notebook and Mont
Blanc pen, wearing some stylish metal frame glasses and sporting a
French accent. I’d look all about me like a tourist entering a
cathedral in Europe, and after the first bite or two of each dish, I’d
jot notes in my notebook.

You laugh, but simply bringing my
camera into a restaurant and snapping photos of my dishes before eating
them has led to no shortage of free dishes, compliments of the kitchen,
and face-to-face meetings with the head chef."

Eugene Wei
Visit his blog, "Remains of the Day"

Image: ABF