New Pilot G2s


2 New G2s from Pilot!

Here and here.

[Thanks John!]


Greetings to our friends in Doji (Kanagawa), Mimico, Ontario, The Hague, Karlstad, Sweden, Albuquerque, NM, Beijing, Singapore, Tbilisi, Madras and Benguet.


10 thoughts on “New Pilot G2s

  1. I’m pretty sure the mini’s take a shorter refill. At least, the “Pixie”/XS version they sell in the UK does, and it doesn’t look like they sell the refills yet. I hope they get these out in the US soon! I’m jealous:)

  2. I found out from Pilot customer service why I haven’t been able to locate the G2 Mini here in the states:

    > The scheduled launch date for the G2 Mini line is
    > actually February 06. Most likely they will reach
    > your retailers shelves mid to late Feb.

    Let the waiting begin… 🙁

  3. I just bought a whole load of pens from cult pens! They totally rock. I bought a couple of G2 mini’s in pink and purple (hey, I’m a girl!!)and I love the way they write so smoothly and fit into my purse. I also bought 3 more Pilot Hi-Techpoint V5 extra fine, a G1 broad in metallic pink, a pink V-pen disposable fountain pen and three G-Tec-C4 ultra fine pens which are SOOOOOO amazingly great for writing with!! That store is such a find and I will definitely be returning again soon! P&P was free because my order was over £10. International p&p starts at £5 and with the pens being cheaper here than anywhere else I have seen, it’s a bargain! Okay, well ramble over….back to the moleskines…….

  4. I have not seen the G2 mini refills in stores. They are a different size than the regular G2s (about 3/4 size) and I have not found them online either. I just bought a G2 Pro this morning and it is a glorious writing instrument. The barrel, as well as the grip, are slightly larger than a traditional G2(think more like the Dr. Grip size), but I have always been partial to larger pens. As such, I found that the G2 Pro satisfied both my obsession with the traditional G2s as well as with larger barreled pens. Now if only they would release the Pro with an Extra Fine (.05) Point so I wouldn’t have to take them out of my Standard G2s…

  5. I agree the G-2 XS or mini or Pixie is a great purse pen. I want to know (and have asked Pilot UK) why I have to buy a new pen every time the ink runs out. As far as I’m concerned it should be illegal to manufacture a refillable product (hand soap is similar issue with hand pumps) with out making the refills available at the same sources. Much less environmentally painful.

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