Oscar Arroyo

"It’s about time I did something, and to top it off I was pleased with the results! I was sitting around, bored, frustrated, and couldn’t figure out what to do, so I convinced myself it was time to start doing... Read More


The Thong Also Rises

Travel writer (and another Moleskinerie "network-er") Jen Leo  has a new book! Travel girls gone wild! It’s not about their underwear, it’s about gut-busting adventures. These funny women on the road just can’t stop laughing about the global messes they... Read More


The Cult of Moleskine

"I wish I could fully convey to you the burning, vitriolic hatred I have for the whole Moleskine cult. For those who don’t know, Moleskines are overpriced notebooks with a fanatical following. I should say that I’m sure there are... Read More


M on Fast Company

"In an increasingly electronic world, it’s no small irony that the hot new data-entry and storage accessory is microchip-free. Meet the Moleskine: a supremely analog notebook that’s redefining the term "little black notebook" – and is fast developing a cachet... Read More


Drawing the Storm: Karen Winters on Katrina

" As Katrina formed up in the gulf, the news was dominated by dire warnings, innumerable talking heads and a dizzying storm of clichés: mother nature’s wrath turned trees into matchsticks and Katrina’s fury was unleashed. Will someone please buy... Read More


Meet…The Hedgehog

"This journal is sized like a small sized moleskine- 3.5X5.5 inches and a half-inch thick. It is entirely hand bound. I start this journal with hand folded paper and stitching. The lined warm cream colored 65lb cardstock pages are sewn... Read More


New Pilot G2s

2 New G2s from Pilot! Here and here.…[Thanks John!]… Greetings to our friends in Doji (Kanagawa), Mimico, Ontario, The Hague, Karlstad, Sweden, Albuquerque, NM, Beijing, Singapore, Tbilisi, Madras and Benguet.... Read More


Rise Up Sweet Island

Travel photographer (and Moleskinerie "network-er") Erik Gauger reports on "an epic struggle between a tiny island an an American golf course developer" in Guana Cay on his latest journey. "Golf courses and coral reefs do not mix," writes Kristian Teleki,... Read More


Join us!

Take time to discover the Moleskine rooms at GoogleGroups, Orkut, LiveJournal and FLICKR.Thanks to Morgaine, Nerdtech and everyone for making these online forums become thriving communities. For updates and donations, visit the WMP page.View the scans at " Journey", the... Read More