Rebekka Bakken


"”The ”art of how to fall” is the art of how to fall in love, as in the
”, explains Rebekka Bakken of the title of the album. ”But it is
also very much the art of letting go. Not holding on, not controlling, is a
beautiful art.”
The Norwegian born artist knows a thing or two about this.
Raised in Norway in the Seventies, without a radio or stereo, but lots of
homemade music in the house, she started singing in Pop and Rock bands in her
teens. She moved to New York in October 1994. ”That wasn’t courageous. It
was just something I wanted to do”,
she says with a laugh. ”I went to
New York to make music. And was shocked, because nobody called to make me a big
star. So I started walking around the city, cleaning my apartment five times a
day. Until I realized that if I wanted something in my life, I had to go out and
get it. I can’t expect others to get it for me.”
She started writing –
stories, poems, lyrics. By and for herself, without any intention of ever
showing or reading, let alone singing, them to anybody else. ”I wrote
because it was the only nice thing I could do during the daytime. The only thing
that gave me some pleasure. I didn’t write for other people to hear it, but
because I wanted to write. That’s when I started being comfortable with who I


Rebekka Bakken, Official Site.

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  1. A wonderful singer, really one of a kind. I learned about her because a friend sent me the lyrics to one of her songs– just the lyrics!– and that was enough to hook me.

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