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"I just bought a Moleskine. In all honestly, it was only recently that I
came across this word. I don’t even know how to say it!…
I’m such a sucker for good sketchbooks. My wife knows this addiction all
too well. The last time we were here in KL, I hoarded two large Winsor and
Newton sketchbooks from Nanyang, a small but very well stocked art shop, in
Jalan Petaling right smack in KL’s Chinatown. Sadly, those two haven’t been
dirtied up with any pencil lead at all.
But I’m smitten with this oilskin covered one I have now. Its smooth
surface lends very well to lead and its slightly toned paper is very easy on the

Rene Enriquez
Visit his blog, "Football, Brushstrokes, et al…"

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  1. Rene Enriquez? Hey! That’s me! Thanks for featuring me here. Didn’t realize my moleskine post would get somewhere else. Thanks! Thanks!

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