The Condensed Guide to Looking Like a Writer

Brt"Some people think it’s easy
to be a writer. You just come up with an idea, jot it down, and then you’re
done. But, no, not everyone can be a writer. You first need to have tools,
because without the proper tools, you’re just faking it.

For example, just about everywhere I turn,
writers are extolling the virtues of the Moleskine leather-bound journal. In
case you don’t know, these pompous little journals were once used by such
artistic luminaries as Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Matisse. These days, they are
surging in popularity again, as if using the same little notebook that
Hemingway used for a shopping list at the Key West Liquor Mart will really make
you a better writer. It’s not even clear that Hemingway used a Moleskine at
all. He merely mentioned writing part of a novel in a notebook that fit in his
pocket, but that hasn’t stopped the company from capitalizing on Ernie’s good
name. At the very least, costing $15 a pop, the Moleskine can certainly put the
"starving" back into starving artist.

They seem so small that I don’t think I
could possibly support a Moleskine habit. I could probably fill one up in a
week or two, and then I’d have to spend another 15 bucks. Personally, I like to
go with a Mead Five-Star College-Ruled One Subject notebook. Sure, it’s not
quite as portable or trendy, but it’s also $1.59 at Staples. Plus, my Mead fits
neatly into a Trapper Keeper, that legendary filing and organizational system
used by such artistic luminaries as Hemingway (Dougie), Van Gogh (Billy), Matisse
(Scooter), and Kiki from my 4th Grade homeroom…"

The Condensed Guide to Looking Like a Writer
By Joe Lavin


Image: ushist

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to The Condensed Guide to Looking Like a Writer

  1. rhino75 says:

    sour grapes or what? Maybe if you’d splashed out on a moleskine I might have HEARD of you? 🙂 You see, it’s a false economy.

  2. rhino75 says:

    I WAS being ironic there, by the way.

  3. FugaziDave says:

    So the fact that I have a stack of filled Moleskines on my bookshelf means I’m a hack? A wannabe? O woe is me! They are filled to the brim with ink and graphite and are generally beaten all to hell from being so brutally loved and used, but no more shall I work in this manner. It’s to Walgreens I now go – I have seen a brighter light. Screw Van Gogh et al, I’m with Joe Lavin.

  4. Marie Germaine says:

    So you come onto a Moleskine fan site-to bash moleskine? You expect us to believe you? hater.
    We love moleskine not because Hemmingway used it. ( I dislike Hemmingway anyways.)
    But because they are pretty, sturdy and good quality.
    My paint filled moleskine from 4 years ago still stands here today. While a mead five star would have never withstanded paint.

    You sir, have no taste in notebooks!

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