The Kojiki Index


"The Kojiki is one of the two primary sources for Shinto, the Japanese
national religion.
It starts in the realm of myth, with the creation of Japan from foam.
Innumerable gods and goddesses are described.
The narrative moves from mythology to historical legends,
and culminates in a chronology of the early Imperial line.

The book is densely footnoted, almost to the point where the
text is buried in apparatus.
However, even this cannot shroud the wonderful story-telling.
There are supernatural episodes, and tales of murder,
passion and betrayal, all interspersed with extemporaneous
poetry, reminiscent of Icelandic sagas.

Production notes: I worked on this for four years, on and off.
I searched for a long time to locate a copy of the Tuttle reprint of the
Chamberlain translation, which, despite being published in the 1970s
is out of print and hard to obtain.
In 2000, a copy fortuitously turned up in a local used bookstore.
However, limitations of OCR technology at the time
made it difficult to proof the text, so I put it aside.
In 2005, I rescanned the book using more recent OCR software with
better results, and managed to complete the proof.
Even still, it took quite a bit of work to finish
the job, particularly creating bitmaps of hundreds of images of Chinese and
Japanese characters."

The Kojiki Index
Translated by Basil Hall Chamberlain


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