The Thong Also Rises

Thong_coverTravel writer (and another Moleskinerie "network-er") Jen Leo  has a new book!

Travel girls gone wild! It’s not about their underwear, it’s about gut-busting
adventures. These funny women on the road just can’t stop laughing about the
global messes they get themselves into. In The Thong Also Rises, Jen Leo brings
you dozens of crazy Ms.-Adventures from Egypt to North Dakota and back home
again. On a coffee break, right before bed, waiting for the bus, or hiding in
the bathroom—howl, cry, guffaw, and commiserate with these adventuresses.

– Go to the bathroom with a pig in your face with Megan Lyles in
– Congratulate the naked bride and groom on Valentine’s Day in Jamaica
with Elizabeth Asdorian
– Pity Anastasia Ashman as she competes with a GPS
device for her husband’s attention on a New York road trip
– Lie to airport
security like Deanna Sukkar when they find a sex toy in your luggage with your
mother right behind you
– Sit in on Jennifer Cox’s hot night with a yogi in
Australia while she goes around the world in 80 dates
– Be a diarrhea vaccine
guinea pig with Colleen Friesen in Guatemala
– Board a crusty old Soviet
bomber in Laos with Tamara Sheward while her girlfriend gobbles expired valium

The Thong Also Rises
By Jen Leo


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to The Thong Also Rises

  1. Jen Leo says:

    Many thanks for spreading the word, Moleskinerie! BTW, I just bought four moleskines! One large, and pack of three little guys.

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