Mail Call


"I’ve worked in the
I.T. field for 20 years, swamped in technology, but I’m the odd man out,
finally giving up on PDAs and other gadgets, and dumping the windows world for
the Apple environment, and I love working in longhand with a fountain pen.
While teaching penmanship when I was in school, beyond the basic instruction in
cursive writing was on the decline, and penmanship has disappeared completely
these days, I find my mind works better in longhand versus working
electronically (I tend to fiddle too much electronically, whereas in longhand,
it just flows continuously).  One of my favourite fountain pens is due to
go in for servicing (the gents in the Mont Blanc boutique in Toronto are also
well-schooled in providing outstanding customer service)… the manager is of
the old-school penmanship education, and when I drop in to pick up refills and
ink, he usually gets his loupe out to check my nibs – I tend to wear off the
ball on one tine, typical of a calligraphic writer he tells me.

Another reason I enjoy your site so much and
visit it daily, is that you cover other products on the market as well, not
limited to one thing only. In the technology world, if you research material
from product-specific sites, you find that they have high praise for a very
narrow band of products and denigrate everything else on the market. It wears
thin rapidly, which is why many discount anything on their sites.

Hearty congratulations to yourself and your
team and contributors. I put a great deal of faith in what I read from you and

Oh, and one nice thing about the Moleskine
books and working in longhand…you are not tied to any one location, you can
go anywhere and work or sketch… breaking the iron chains of technology allows
one to get out there and have a life!

Best wishes, I look forward to the next site
updates with great anticipation.

James Bodiam
ronto, Canada

Image: Carnet Noir by Chris @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
This photo is licensed
Some rights reserved.


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