Daniel Pearl Music Days


"On February 22, 2002, a day after the world
learned that kidnapped Wall Street Journal
reporter Daniel Pearl had been brutally murdered
by his captors in Pakistan, conductor George
Phelivanian, Danny’s neighbor and friend from
Paris, was scheduled to lead the Israeli
Philharmonic Orchestra as a guest conductor. 
Deeply troubled by the news, he was reluctant to
perform but defied the horror by proudly
dedicating the concert to Danny.  “As the
orchestra played Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5, I
finally understood the triumph of hope over
despair” said Pehlivanian. It was an emotional
and exultant concert, ending with fifteen
minutes of sustained applause.

After Danny’s funeral in August 2002, his family
continued to inspire hope through music. As a
fitting tribute to Danny’s life, the Pearl
family invited people to create or support a
musical event in their communities on the day he
would have turned 39 years old – October 10,
2002. Thus, the seeds were planted for Daniel
Pearl Music Days, now 10 days of worldwide
“Harmony for Humanity” concerts ringing the
world with the universal language of music in
repudiation of hatred and cruelty and in
celebration of tolerance, friendship and respect
for diversity."

Daniel Pearl Music Days
October 1-10, 2005
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