Write Place: Paragraph


"Paragraph is a membership organization dedicated to providing an affordable and
tranquil working environment for writers of all genres. We are open 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Paragraph was created by writers for writers, with an understanding
that writers work best in a quiet, comfortable space away from the hurry and
obligation of urban life.

35 West 14th Street
Third Floor
New York, NY 10011

4 thoughts on “Write Place: Paragraph

  1. This is like a private library without books, or the hoi-polloi.

    I wonder if they will restrict it to writers? After all, anyone who can work from a laptop with their phone switched off can make use of such a space.

  2. I haven’t been to NCY long enough to notice, but, are the libraries and cafes really so terrible that this is necessary? What about your own kitchen table? I just think it sounds like a large sum to simply have what every college library offers — those ugly carrels and some quiet.

    Is this just another affectation of would-be Writers, or is it a necessary evil in a crowded city?

    Dunno. But it makes me glad I own a little table.

  3. Alia, this will suit some writers, and it probably isn’t intended to meet the needs of EVERY writer. $80 a month for part-time use would be an expensive affectation, wouldn’t it?

    If having to get enough income from writing to cover the monthly fee adds to one’s motivation, then some people will find they are more productive here. Writing can be a lonely occupation, so some will enjoy having people around, without the noise of a library or coffee shop. Not everyone can avail themselves of a college library. Not everyone can resist the temptation of snacking all day when their writing table is the kitchen table.

    For myself, carrels bring out my latent claustrophobia and I’m lucky enough to own a house in a small town and to have my own office in the house, with a nice view and a park down the block. But if I lived in New York City (and got some therapy for the claustrophobia), the wireless connection and the dedicated space for work might look pretty good to me.

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