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Happy ^-^HalloweenM^-^

"^-^HalloweenM^-^"By Lorretine @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved.Used with permission. For your listening pleasure, may we recommend "Into the Land of Phantoms" ?…Update: 3.50 P CST The Brown truck just delivered the biggest Halloween treat ever… Thanks to "Anonymous"

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"It hit me one day as I fumbled with the Device, attempting to translate arcane scribbles on its screen into recognizable text. I remembered the substance that had sustained me in ancient times. A substance that, alchemically combined with ink, … Continue reading

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“The Orange and the Black”

"Being a little squeamish, I take another route — the all orange-and-black dinner. Explanations for the traditional Halloween colors vary. Black is certainly the symbol of death while orange is probably a reflection of the fall harvest. Setting the table … Continue reading

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Write Like Jane Austen

"Paying homage to a favourite author can be a painful and tricky thing, so please don’t suppose that this font, though made up out of characters written by Jane Austen, is really quite equal to her handwriting. Like every intelligent … Continue reading

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Little Annie

"When poor Little Annie sat on her swing, She never suspected a bite or a sting, But Hazel’s pet spider was hungry that day, And pleased that dear Annie had come out to play!" GOREY DETAILS Image link Greetings to … Continue reading

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AFK*: Chicago Botanic Garden

"Please stay on path. Thank you." Images: ABF*AFK: Away From Keyboard As part of our 2nd Anniversary celebrations (1.12.06 ) Moleskinerie is launching "Moleskine Notes", a series of essays by Moleskine users around the world starting next month. To be … Continue reading

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Oh Feltrinelli!

"People have been reporting sightings of this little red book that can only be found in Italy. It is a special edition done for la Feltrinelli and finally I got it! Thanks to a kind lady over there who found … Continue reading

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Welcome Moleskine @ MySpace welcomes "Moleskine Notebooks for Life", the Moleskine Users’ Group at MySpace created by Jeremy. JOIN

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Here’s your last chance to see "My Moleskine Exhibition" in Japan. Date:OCTOBER 1 – OCTOBER 31The exhibition is spread over five different locations :■ Aoyama Book Center■ Libro Aoyama■ Nadiff (Aoyama)■ Tower Records Shibuya 7F TOWER BOOKS■ Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi … Continue reading

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Wil Lau

"Prepping for the HK/Shanghai trip in Nov and I’ve decided to go with the workhorse L2K. Versatile, holds a tone of ink and not too flashy for customs. If for any reason I end up returning without it, it’s probably … Continue reading

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