Holiday Stickers

Fcvy_1"I recently purchased a Moleskine Daily Planner (the lg size). I’d like to know if there are any holiday stickers i can use, since holidays are not noted in the calendar. I’ve seen them mentioned in a moleskine
related blog but now i can’t find it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Mike Jack

"Franklin Covey Stores have some small stickers that will work great. They are relatively small (approx 1/4 inch) and have transparent backgrounds.  They have different sets, but there is one that has a
sticker for each holiday."


Discussion @ Moleskinerie/GoogleGroups
LINK: Franklin Covey

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  1. I found the stickers I was looking for on a post by Patrick Ng on Unfortunately, only available in Hong Kong. Thanks to everyone for their research and suggestions. Mike Jack

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