dream after dream…


My name is Asia Gniady, I
wrote to you about two months ago, describing my longing for my first
Moleskine.Now I can say that my dream
came true!!! I’ve got Moleskine in the most magical way one could ever
imagine, but let it be the secret… 

is fabulous. I smell the pages, touch them with my fingertips and it breakes my
heart. What more to say?

I’ve just
upload some photos of my Moleskine in Flickr’s Moleskinerie Pool – have a look…I also
would like to invite to visit my blog.

Your site
is really wonderful!!!

With my
best wishes and the big smile from



Links: Joanna’s blog. FLICKR page.

One thought on “dream after dream…

  1. Her blog is wonderful!
    I would have posted there if I could but I do not belong to “Blogger”…
    so maybe Joanna will see this
    and know that I have been moved and deeply touched by her writing
    and that I will bookmark her blog and visit often

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