Filofax"It hit me one day as I fumbled with the Device, attempting to translate
arcane scribbles on its screen into recognizable text. I remembered the
substance that had sustained me in ancient times. A substance that,
alchemically combined with ink, could be manipulated in infinite ways.
A substance that, depending on my mood, could be as strictly rule-bound
as any computer or as free-form as an artist’s canvas.


I set aside the Device, and bought a Filofax.  And it was good.  No, great.

Device now gathers dust, and the Filofax gathers no moss. I carry it
with me around the house, to the bathroom, to the family room. I set it
next to me in bed.

My relationship with the Filofax is in its
infancy. My return to paper occurred in earnest only a couple weeks
ago. But I have found there is very little on the internet in the way
of planner-love. I know there are others out there, secretly laboring
as members of my brotherhood. Planner-lovers, unite! You may be a
devotee of Filofax, Day Timer, Day Runner, Franklin Covey, Exacompta,
or wall calendars with photographs of puppies and kittens. It matters
not. Rejoice in the experience of pen to paper. Rejoice in the use of
alphabetic tabs. Rejoice in the critical decisions a planner maker must
use: Week on a page? Week on two pages? Page-a-day? Notebook-size?
Pocket-size? It’s all glorious!…"