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"Please stay on path. Thank you."

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*AFK: Away From Keyboard

MkenotesAs part of our 2nd Anniversary celebrations (1.12.06 ) Moleskinerie is
launching "Moleskine Notes", a series of essays by Moleskine users
around the world starting next month. To be considered, write an essay
(500-1000 words) on your Moleskine experience and email it to us.
Put "MOLESKINE NOTES ENTRY" as subject. If chosen, you will receive a
gift from Moleskinerie. We look forward to reading your story soon!   

Birthday greetings to our friends @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT:

John Harrigan October 27, Patrick Gage Kelley October 28, Stephan Lamprecht
October 29,  Ben Turley October 30, Lauren S November 01, Rob O’Keefe November
03 and Lise Sutherland-Fraser November 05.

Get out, have a life – and write about it! Be back on Monday.

Updates: 10.28.05 6.42P CST

A message from TypePad, our webhost:

"This Saturday night between the hours of 9PM – midnight PDT, we have scheduled
downtime to complete some of these (maintenance) activities."

Sorbile is selling 2 unopened Moleskines over at LJ. Check it out.