But which Moleskine?


"A friend of mine, currently studying in London, asked me if I wanted her to buy me any Moleskines. (Larger available range, no extra shipping costs, and cheaper. Besides, while I may not have a fanbase that’s willing to do anything for me, I have friends who love me! So there.) And it’s then that we realise just how evil the manufacturers of these notebooks are. It’s pretty damn near impossible to choose just one!

Decisions, decisions…"

"Moleskine Madness"
By dubdew


Image: ABF

2 thoughts on “But which Moleskine?

  1. I appreciate the dilemma. I live near a store that I thought had the entire line – then I found out about the Japanese album, which they don’t carry. So of course I had to get one. Now I’ve found that the Van Gogh silk bound moleskines include a sketchbook variety, which I’ve never seen, and isn’t even carried by most online dealers. So I’ve got to get one of those as well. Now what I wish I had bought were the wool & faux fur versions that were for sale three or four years ago – does anyone remember those?

  2. I recently found the Van Gogh silks in all colors and versions (sketch, lined, address and memo pocket) at http://www.papeteriecollette.com. I remember those special versions from a few years ago. I’d like to find the one that looked like woven leather. I’ve recently had the thought that perhaps, instead of looking for the perfect journal, I should sit myself down and write in some of the ones I already have!

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