Moleskinerie needs your support

"My Moleskine Halloween Costume" sent in by Erik T. © All rights reserved.

On this final fundraising weekend, please indulge this last repost of our appeal:

As you may already know, is a personal project
by our friends and myself. With increasing traffic (more than 17,000/
week)  from
notebook aficionados all over the world what used to be a hobby now
takes a considerable chunk of my personal time. Beside website
maintenance, responding to email
and written queries has become part of my daily routine.

The little ad revenue we receive goes straight to pay for hosting fees.
With a modest budget we need your support to keep Moleskinerie

Our immediate requirement is a notebook PC to replace the temporary
equipment we are currently using. We also need help with
connectivity, stationery, mailing (for the resumption of the Wandering Moleskine
) and other expenses.

To help raise funds, we are holding an auction on eBay.  If you wish to help we’d like to hear from you. You can also donate any amount via


(If the button hiccups, use this email: armandfrasco*at*aol*dot*com. Kindly indicate if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Thanks for making the premier fansite for
these legenday notebooks. Help keep us eclectic and free!

Armand B. Frasco


Thanks to author Jonathan Carroll for his generous help ( check out his new book, "Glass Soup") and Neil Gaiman for the link.  I’d also like to thank Kikkerland Design for donating some items to this fund drive. 

MkenotesAs part of our 2nd Anniversary celebrations (1.12.06 ) Moleskinerie is
launching "Moleskine Notes", a series of essays by Moleskine users
around the world starting next month. To be considered, write an essay
(500-1000 words) on your Moleskine experience and email it to us.
Put "MOLESKINE NOTES ENTRY" as subject. If chosen, you will receive a
gift from Moleskinerie. We look forward to reading your story soon!   

Birthday greetings to our friends @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT:
Venus 81, October 17, Philip Sharman, October 18, Aki Y. October 24 and
Guilherme Avila October 26

Get out, have a life – and write about it! Be back on Monday.


DONORS’ LIST a.k.a "Thank-You-Thank-You" !

– "Many thanks for all of your hard work on the website. It is a daily ritual to
check the site and I enjoy it very much. Best wishes "
Andrew Foster, UK   

– "Not much but at least something (do get a Mac though :-)" Jan Erik Mostrom

Tricia Leach

– "I’m glad to send a contribution! I’ve been using Moleskines since 2001 when I
found them in London–long before the mania hit the US.  I love your site
for its creative links. You’ve made a significant site that goes far beyond the
usefulness of the notebooks!"
Nita Van Zandt

– Richard Collette
– Marcus Brownlow
– Wendee Lee

– "I am a long-time user of Moleskines and have greatly enjoyed your website.
I particularly appreciate the open-ended way you run it, giving room to
many postings that have nothing to do with Moleskines,  but are
intrinsically interesting."
Armando A. Armendariz

"I have only known about Moleskinerie for a short while but I visit it every
Kate Marshall

"I’ve been reading the Moleskinerie for some time now and I’d love to donate a hedgehog to the effort of keeping it alive." Leslie Herger

– Christine MacDougall
John Gamber

– Theresa Hogel
– Anonymous
– Jonathan Richstein
– Erik Bates
Michael Shea
Karen Winters
– Anonymous
– Rebecca Rowan
– Richard Jack
– Kathryn Marshall
– Elizabeth Rotundo

– "Thank you for many enjoyable discoveries, tangents, and pieces of weird,
wonderful, artistic news." –


Update: 8.20 P CST 10.23.05

Congratulations to pointykitty, kgee30 and judex32 for winning. Thanks to everyone else who bid on the items and sent donations. We truly appreciate your help. We have a few more to auction in the coming days.

As of today, this fund drive received a total of $ 972.00 which should help cover our DSL and other bills. We are also excited to announce that an anonymous benefactor is donating a brand new laptop for our use!! We have even received an offer for free office space! How cool is that?

To those who sent their regrets due to personal constraints, etc. No worries – your visits  inspire us and keep us going, too. wouldn’t have become what it is today were it not for all of you. Besides, the PayPal button is always "on". ^_^

Dank u wel,  grazie, domo arigato, muchas gracias, merci, obrigado, salamat, thank you!

Now back to regular programming.


Update: 10.31.05
3.50 P CST

The Brown truck just delivered the biggest Halloween treat ever…




Additional donations.

"Hi to you – sorry it is so small but my wife
has been on disability for almost 2 years, had major surgery and we are only now
beginning to do better; but I was so impressed with your site and the great
work, it seemed a shame to not offer at least a little that we can do for
Keep up the great work. Blessings to you and
your loved ones"
– J. C.H. 11.8.05

Lorianne DiSabato
– Jens Schäfer

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