Elian Script

Elian Script

“Originally, the Elian Script was intended to be a code by which I could, at a glance, differentiate writings in my notebooks that were still in finished form from those still in the works. Prior to the development of this code I used the letters of the Cyrillic alphabet as sheer phonetic elements; “Tuscany” would thus be written “”. However, the more I wrote phonetically in Cyrillic, the more my spelling in English deteriorated – “” back to English would be written “Tskani”.

While seeking a new and simple encoding method, I came across an illustration of the numbered nine-square grid. It occurred to me that each of the nine boxes had a unique configuration, and that with the addition of a numeral, be it “1”, “2”, or “3”, it was possible to have a coded form for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. I started to use this grid functionally, as a code, without considering any calligraphic aspects…”

The Elian Script
Conceptual Calligraphy by C.C. Elian


[Thanks Christian “Mekkaniak” Eriksson]