Eternal “Bullet Proof” Luxury Blue


"Noodler’s Ink has formulated a NEW Eternal Blue with fluorescent, yet
conservative blue color.  It has been formulated with “Bullet Proof” qualities
so that it is impervious to water, bleach, and light.  It is as fraud-proof as
Noodler’s “Bullet Proof” Black. It will be available in one ounce (30 ml.)


[Thanks Chris]

5 thoughts on “Eternal “Bullet Proof” Luxury Blue

  1. My MOLESKINE is my new thing…that and my Pentel Better Retractable Fine Point Pens. Pentel makes blue, black, red and purple pens. I wish Pentel would Make other colors, particularly sepia or sienna. Also, I want a 9″x12″ MOLESKINE.

    I have kept sketchbooks before. This time it feels different. I am more devoted to my MOLESKINE than any other sketchbook I’ve ever had. I am curious about the rules we create for sketchbook use. I look forward to having a long history with my MOLESKINE, to view the evolution.

  2. Anyone know how this Eternal Blue is coming along? Ordered a bottle nearly a month ago when the notice appeared on the Noodler’s page, saying it would be available in a week. Now when you click on the Eternal Blue link there, you discover the link is dead.

  3. Hey! my bottle of Noodler’s Eternal Luxury Blue arrived today! (from Pendemonium).

    Looking at a sample page written out with a dip pen, here are my first impressions:

    The color reminds me of the late, lamented (by some) Parker Penman Sapphire. (I loved PPS as a color, but hated what it did to my pens.) It’s darker than I expected, and as it appears on the paper the “flourescent” quality is not so apparent to me (maybe I don’t understand what the term means as applied to ink). However, looking at the ink as it sits on the metal dip nib, it glows! The ink dries slightly lighter than it first appears.

    An odd note — the ink has a very distinctive smell — pleasant, very noticeable. I thought at first that it was scented, but that’s probably not right. Likely just some ingredient.

    I should say that I like the color, though. It’s a true blue, quite different from the Legal Lapis that has become my everyday ink. It’s pretty. You won’t mistake it for black. It does not bleed or come through the pages of the Moleskine Cahier where I tested it. Dries pretty fast, but lefties might still have to be careful about smearing.

    My only criticism is the $13 price for a one ounce bottle (price is set by Noodler’s, not by Pendemonium). This makes it too “precious” for daily use (at least for me), and it’s hard to understand why it should cost that much unless it is going to be a limited production ink like the Boston Brahmin or the Presidential Blue. Other Noodler’s color Eternals are $18.50 for three ounces ($12.50 for black), so this stuff is twice as expensive.

    My bottom line: it’s an attractive color, albeit at a premium price, and will be good for special projects or for your “signature” pen. When/If the price comes down, it will be a distinctive everyday ink.

  4. It looks like a pretty nice ink, but I’ll probably pass. Had it been released in 3 oz bottles, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. But, as it has been said before, for 1 oz, it’s way too expensive.

    Shame, that. Noodlers makes great inks. I use their black bulletproof in all my fountain pens. I might buy a bottle of the Iraqi Indigo, since I love purple.

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