Givin me the wild eye


"I was vacillating all week about what I was going to do for the “Draw
an Eye” challenge for the Everyday Matters group, and I finally decided
to paint the excessively large eyes of my American she-bulldog, Ripley.
I don’t know if it’s a birth defect or a characteristic of the breed
but Ripley’s very large eyes seem to point in two different directions,
giving her a decidedly ‘unfocused’ and inattentive look when she gazes
straight at me. We noticed this characteristic when she was a puppy,
and when she was in a particularly rip-roarious mood her eyes would
widen, exposing even more of the whites for a distinctly rabid, mad-dog
appearance. We came to call this “giving us the wild eye.”

"Givin me the wild eye"
Karen Winters

Visit her blog, "The Creative Journey"