“The Orange and the Black”

Pumpkin200"Being a little squeamish, I take another route — the all orange-and-black
dinner. Explanations for the traditional Halloween colors vary. Black is
certainly the symbol of death while orange is probably a reflection of the fall

Setting the table for this holiday dinner is easy. Halloween paraphernalia
starts showing up in stores toward the end of summer, and the choice is vast:
spider web cocktail napkins, foam tabletop tombstones, pumpkin candleholders,
wire trees with faces, black plastic spiders. You don’t have to go any further
than the corner drugstore.
For my table, I use an orange tablecloth, black napkins and black plates,
all of which I got at yard sales. I have a $1.29 black plastic cauldron from the
drugstore that I fill with an orange mum. I use orange tapers in glass
candlesticks and votive candles shaped like candy corn and then, of course,
sprinkle the table with real candy corn. At each guests place is a little orange
and black plastic jack-o’-lantern full of black licorice sticks.
Appetizers can be baby carrots and orange pepper slices with a black olive
tapenade; red fish roe or smoked salmon on squares of black bread; orange
cheddar cheese encased in black rind with dark rye crackers or pumpernickel
bread; black olives; blue corn tortilla chips (they look black) and red pepper
hummus. If you want to go downscale: Cheetos…."

"The Orange and the Black"
Bonny Wolf

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