Moleskine – lined, or unlined?


"I started with several grid books – having an engineering background
it seemed obvious, as so much of my schooling was done on graph paper.
The grid is in black ink, though, and with certain pencils and inks
writing and sketches tend to blend in a bit too much. The line spacing
is also much narrower than the simple ruled books, so you have to write
a bit smaller.

The complete absence of lines makes the book
look a little too pristine sometimes, and my lines of writing often
develop a slant by the end of the page. Most of us were taught to write
using lined paper, and there’s something comforting about having lines
to get one started. For drawing, however, a blank page is best.

I prefer unlined but they’re so hard to find in stores. The world seems to prefer the lined, followed by the grid.

What do you think? Lines, grid, or no lines?"

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Image: "Out of Focus"
By Eus @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
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7 thoughts on “Moleskine – lined, or unlined?

  1. Hmmm…Personally I prefer unlined notebooks. My writing can then wander all over the page. I’m not restricted by lines or squares. I can add doodles without having annoying blue or black marks distract from their ‘doodle-ness’. However the unlined call to connect pen to paper is more intimidating…virginal white paper deserves perfect penmanship, the cleverest thought and Pulitzer Prize writing. It takes me longer to get down to the basics of writing or sketching with an unlined book…but once I’m on the page…woohoo!

  2. You might want to take a sheet of regular lined notebook paper and make the lines darker with a Sharpie or something similer. Then you can slip that sheet under the page your writing on and be able to see the lines. 5×8 legal pads work well for this.

  3. I mostly prefer unlined. My secret stash of plain pocket notebooks is all unlined. I like to doodle (unfortunately nothing as pretty as what we see here or at MoleskineArt) as well as write and the unlined pages let me do anything I want.

    I recently bought a larger Moleskine 5.25 by 8.25″ lined version for writing stories at home. The lines are light enough that I don’t think they get in the way and they should help me pack more words on a page which is something I need for my fictional stories. I can burn through a plain pocket notebook in no time with about 125 words a page. This gets me maybe four stories per notebook which isn’t very much.

    I’m hoping to squeeze in 200 words a page into the 240 page larger journal for nearly 50,000 words or between five and ten short stories or half a novel per book.

    For about 150% of the cost I may squeeze 200% of the words into fewer journals.

    Also, with the Renaissance Art traditional leather cover, the large Moleskines look just awesome. I can’t wait to start writing in mine.

  4. Over time I’ve come to use lined pocket-size Moleskines for day to day journals, and I keep some gridded Cahiers around for tech sketches and charts. I’ve used the unlined Moleskines a time or two and found them “ok” but the habit of writing on a line is hard to break. If I drew more freehand sketches of my surroundings, I think I’d use more unlined books.

  5. I’m typically a fan of the blank page. However, when using my (pocket) Moleskines I have leaned to the grid. I really like it because it keeps my writing on a level plane and it doesn’t drift up or down.

    I also use it to draw a monthly calendar. Using a 4 square block for each day I can get Sunday through Saturday and a note block across the two page spread and 6 weeks of dates. This is very helpful when not carrying the Calendar Moleskine.

    Moleskine is a wonderful catch all of thoughts, lists, drawings, doodles and notes. I have even drawn blocks for Storyboarding. I make 8 sqare blocks and get 3 to a page with one line between them if I start at the very top of the page. I put the blocks on the outer side of the page and leave the inner part for my notes.

    I have used light watercolor to sketch in the Grid book also. This gives me all the features of most of the available Moleskine line of books and I am very happy with these books. I have a stock pile on the shelf. I use Noodler’s Bulletproof ink or Pilot G-2. When I scan my images the faint gridded lines seem to fade out enough to keep me happily using it.

    As you can see, I am very happy with my Grid Moleskine.

    Happy using, which ever style “flips your switch.”

  6. Another grid fan here. Like Cellophane, I like the grid because it is so easy to draw out a monthly calendar. Sometimes I need to turn my M. in the other direction and it’s nice to have lines going that way too. Its easy to make boxes to contain lists, quotes, or little drawings. I think the spacing on the grid is perfect. And the lines aren’t black, they’re gray.

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