”My Moleskine” exhibition – Tokyo – October 2005


Finally and thanks to the collaboration of over 100 artists
from 12 countries, the “My Moleskine” exhibition is open.

Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Ernest Hemingway and
Bruce Chatwin have been avid users of the legendary Moleskine notebook. We have
decided to establish continuity from this rich heritage and put together the
“My Moleskine” exhibition.


This project gathers the works of very well-established  artists such as painter Daisuke Nakayama, fashion
designer Christian Lacroix, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, actor Asano Tadanobu,
but also very promising young talents such as 4 year-old Sayo-chan.


These creative minds have used Moleskine notebooks to show
their particular process of creation and reveal their daily notes, sketches and
most intimate works to the public. Feel free to come and dive into these journals,
flip through the inspiring pages and maybe try to understand another dimension
of the creative process.

To exhibit the totality of the 100 notebooks, the exhibition
has been spread over five different bookshops in central Tokyo:


Aoyama Book

Libro Aoyama


Tower Records Books – Shibuya (7th floor)

Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi.


Dates: Oct 1st – Oct 31st


Please note that the public can exceptionally touch most
exhibited notebooks, but a glove must be worn to protect the artworks (gloves
are provided free of charge at each exhibition space).


For more information on the exhibition:


See the online exhibit