Nicholas Coleman


"My favorite thing in Scotland was the surprisingly tasty local dish
Haggis. I ate it several times, and each time it was served over neeps
(mashed turnip) and tatties (mashed potatoes). It’s made by stuffing a
sheeps stomache with the animal’s heart, lungs, and liver, and then
adding oatmeal, onion, fat, and seasonings. I didn’t find this out
until about thirty seconds ago when I googled the recipe.

also ate black (blood) pudding… and a quick Google scan tells me that’s
made of pig’s blood mixed with fat. And yes, I loved that too…

This trip was the first time I carried a moleskine notepad, taking notes of my
travels–I know everywhere I went, and I wrote down things people said or did so
I could remember later. I also notated every photo I took so that I could create
a much better journal, and title all the stills. I highly recommend keeping a
pocket notepad with you on travels–it just makes remembering the trip so much
easier! Holland bought me a wallet pen to go along with it… the perfect

Nicholas Coleman
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