Oh Feltrinelli!




"People have been reporting sightings of this little red book that can
only be found in Italy. It is a special edition done for la Feltrinelli
and finally I got it! Thanks to a kind lady over there who found a copy
from her office and sent it over for me. I appreciate a lot Monica! The
copy I got was #14981 obviously a limited special edition just for
Feltrinelli. The red color is extraordinarily bright and on the cover
there is the Feltrinelli logo embossed. It is a "Weekly Notebook
2005-6" different from the existing one, which the week view is on the
left page and lined note on the right. So far I’ve seen special
editions done for corporates such as Moet, Siena University (image
here) but this is by far the most outstanding in terms of color and
configuration. I have confirmation from Modo&Modo that this special
format is going to be all over the world in 2006-7"

Patrick Ng

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One thought on “Oh Feltrinelli!

  1. Cool – I predict a lot more of these special editions in the future. With the Moleskine’s popularity, “extending the franchise” is a logical step. I just hope they don’t take it too far and introduce versions that alienate those of us who like Moleskines in their present form.

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