Moleskine – lined, or unlined?

"I started with several grid books – having an engineering background it seemed obvious, as so much of my schooling was done on graph paper. The grid is in black ink, though, and with certain pencils and inks writing and... Read More


Maple Leaf

"On the way home from the bus stop I picked up this maple leaf from the wet pavement. Today we lit the furnace. No frost yet, but rain is forecast for the next several days." Elizabeth PerryVisit her blog,... Read More


As seen on: Boston Legal

"In the latest episode of Boston Legal (aired on 10/18/2005, named "A whiff and a prayer"), the main character of the show (Alan Shore, played by James Spader) opens a notebook that looks exactly like a Pocket Moleskine. Eric @... Read More


But which Moleskine?

"A friend of mine, currently studying in London, asked me if I wanted her to buy me any Moleskines. (Larger available range, no extra shipping costs, and cheaper. Besides, while I may not have a fanbase that’s willing to do... Read More


New Word: Blogebrity

Merlin Mann "Why not use blogebrities in marketing? If they’re not yet ready for TV, would it work for ad banners? Corporate sites?  So far I’ve seen Jason Kottke at Defunker, but nothing that seemed to involve a paycheck since... Read More


The Noguchi Filing System

"…a rather unconventional filing system, the system proposed and used by Noguchi Yukio, an economist and writer of bestselling books about such things. Implementation of the system requires the user to discard many conventional notions about how to store paper... Read More


Moleskine Combo To Go

"My Moleskine hack…I have various accoutrements that go everywhere I do…Moleskine, phone, pen case etc. Little bit of velcro and now i have one secure package." Rob Findlayhttp://robfindlay.org Image link to FLICKR 1... Read More


Elian Script

“Originally, the Elian Script was intended to be a code by which I could, at a glance, differentiate writings in my notebooks that were still in finished form from those still in the works. Prior to the development of this... Read More


Holiday Stickers

"I recently purchased a Moleskine Daily Planner (the lg size). I’d like to know if there are any holiday stickers i can use, since holidays are not noted in the calendar. I’ve seen them mentioned in a moleskine related blog... Read More