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How Much Is Moleskinerie Worth?

This is hilarious:) My blog is worth $175,571.94.How much is your blog worth? Your blog,, is worth $175,571.94 "Here’s a snippet of code you can add to your blog to show the world how much it is worth, based … Continue reading

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“Portable table of content” hack

"I have created some kind of a "portable table of content" for my Moleskines (pocket one). You can see it here (my blog, in French). The idea is to summarize each page’s content  in order to find faster what your … Continue reading

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Prompts: Future Map of the World

"When satellites capture images of our beautiful blue and green planet during the next millennium, will we recognize the shapes they show us? It can be difficult to comprehend all at once the incredible Earth changes which Gordon-Michael Scallion has … Continue reading

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Tenacious Toys

"Uglydolls" Just in time for Halloween. These and other cuddly abominations available at Tenacious Toys.   Greetings to our friends from Kosovo, Sicilia, Chongquing, Nashville, TN, Agua, (Sao Paolo), Westport, CN, Kyoto, Lancaster,  Netherlands Antilles, Santiago, Hove and Thessalonki.

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Moleskinerie needs your support

"My Moleskine Halloween Costume" sent in by Erik T. © All rights reserved. On this final fundraising weekend, please indulge this last repost of our appeal: As you may already know, is a personal project run by our friends … Continue reading

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Eternal “Bullet Proof” Luxury Blue

"Noodler’s Ink has formulated a NEW Eternal Blue with fluorescent, yet conservative blue color.  It has been formulated with “Bullet Proof” qualities so that it is impervious to water, bleach, and light.  It is as fraud-proof as Noodler’s “Bullet Proof” … Continue reading

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Write Places: Cool Tables

Bed of Roses Table Lichen Table Lavender Table [via cribcandy]

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Givin me the wild eye

"I was vacillating all week about what I was going to do for the “Draw an Eye” challenge for the Everyday Matters group, and I finally decided to paint the excessively large eyes of my American she-bulldog, Ripley. I don’t … Continue reading

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Moleskine maniaque

"Ma petite manie à moi est d’une banalité rare (enfin, j’en ai d’autres aussi, mais aujourd’hui je me concentrerai sur celle-là). C’est d’écrire dans des beaux carnets. C’est bizarre, mais on n’écrit pas pareil sur des feuilles volantes style étudiant … Continue reading

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The things they (used to) carry

Our friend, Lorianne DiSabato lives in Keene, NH where there has been recent flooding. She writes: "In the opening chapter to Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried, the hopes, dreams, and fears of a group of American soldiers in … Continue reading

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