dream after dream…

My name is Asia Gniady, I wrote to you about two months ago, describing my longing for my first Moleskine.Now I can say that my dream came true!!! I’ve got Moleskine in the most magical way one could ever imagine,... Read More


Day Tripper

"The trip was not a big one.  We reached the entrance to the Swamp Park in about 15 minutes.  This is how close we live in the swamp. The gate keeper was Derric and Katie’s baby sister’s daughter.  When we... Read More


The Story of the Three Hunters

"ONCE upon a time, when the world was young and men loved and hated as they do now, in a mountain village there lived three brothers and they were hunters. Each of the brothers had married a wife, and they... Read More


Storyboard Your Life

"A storyboard is a sequence of images and words drawn together on a page to form a plausible narrative. Storyboards are routinely used in the movie making business to ‘preview’ a movie before a single shot is taken. Not only... Read More


The Roanoke Rambler

"I never knew what a Moleskine notebook was until March of 2004. I discovered these little black gems while I was on a trip with my wife and daughter. Each year we spend the week after Easter on the coast.... Read More


Writing is craft and skills you can learn

"Talent is great, but it can also destroy you if you think that all you need is talent and the world will beat a path to your door. The willingness to learn and write is much more important than talent.... Read More


The Moleskinerie Auctions on eBay

Jonathan Carroll‘s Waterman "Opera" fountain pen with Card of AuthenticityView eBay Item # 6570523104 Chris Collicott’s "Men Leaning" bookends from Kikkerland DesignView eBay Item #  4412056792 Fort Knox Souvenir Simulated Gold BarView eBay Item # 4412061147 Handmade Black Leather (Hedgehog)... Read More


Product Review: Renaissance Art Leather Moleskine Covers

Fifteen hundred years ago Christian monks from St. Pachomius stored their leather-wrapped books in sealed jars to hide their library from the wrath of Athanasius who considered such works heresy. Fifteen hundred years later, in 1945, these books were discovered... Read More


Gandhi’s 11 Vows

Ahimsa – NonviolenceSatya – TruthAsteya – Non StealingBrahmacharya – Self DisciplineAparigraha – Non-PossessionSharirshrama – Bread LaborAswada – Control of the PalateSarvatra – Bhayavarjana – FearlessnessSarva Dharma Samantva – Equality of All ReligionsSwadeshi – Use Locally Made GoodsSparshbhavana – Remove Untouchability... Read More