Prompts: Future Map of the World


"When satellites capture images of our beautiful blue and green planet
during the next millennium, will we recognize the shapes they show us?
It can be difficult to comprehend all at once the incredible Earth
changes which Gordon-Michael Scallion has predicted. What will our
planet actually look like after these changes are complete? Based on
over 25 years of visions he has received on the subject, this award
winning wall map is the definitive illustration of GMS’ Earth change
predictions. Giant-sized for easy viewing, this map covers changes for
all continents, as well as new islands that will be created, rising
from the oceans’ floors. As GMS explains in the map’s text, “I feel
that sharing this information will identify areas that should be
watched… and supply benchmarks that may be used to warn of impending
changes as these scenarios [from 1998 through 2012] unfold.”

Gordon-Michael Scallion
Future Map of the World


14 thoughts on “Prompts: Future Map of the World

  1. Very good map. Is this based on the depth of the seabed, rise in the core temprature and the like?

  2. According to many of the world’s most prestigious meteorological societies, universities and private institutions, global avergae temperature will increase by 2 to 3.5 degrees celsius over the next 94 years. Even a shift in 1 degree celsius globally is enough to flood Manhattan. I am positive that this change will occur, given that this century will bring the most competitive, technologically pursuant people and industries that Earth will ever see rise in such a rapid pace; from seemingly nothing to aretic proportions. I know that along with these changes, measures will be taken to mediate environmental and possiblly climactic discrepencies, however, we will still be using fossil fuels, and industrial recombinants to the same degree as we are right now for the next 400 years. Contrary to popular culture and global warming activists abound, there are still massive fossil fuel reserves deep into the continental shelf and over these next 400 years it is absolutely certainty that technology will allow us to grab these resources. We will exhibit the same egoteric pursuants that we have for many millenia; history can be impeded to say that it will not disprove such a human trait. Anyway, we are entering this temporal stage as a part of a natural process which interchanges epochs of global ice and tropic about every 13,000 years, and smaller ones occuring inbetween. We are counseling a natural force, one that shouldn’t be disturbed. A force that our egoism seems to have forgetten was the one that created it.

  3. Is this disinformation designed to move the population into rural areas? If so, who stands to benefit from it and in what way.

    Fear is a great motivator to move people, but something doesnt feel right, i think there is more to this then what is on the surface.

  4. I like the rebuttal. In my openion there are scientists hard at work on various issues including global warming. Some movies that address these issues to normalize the idea in your mind are:

    1) Waterworld
    2) The Day After
    3) Stargate

  5. I fear that the vast majority of human kind will fail to heed the warning signals of coming events, hence hastening the lives of far many that need be. I am scared for my wife, my children, and myself. All we can do is prepare and hope we can all laugh about how silly we were…..worrying about such things. However, this time, I am not so sure that all the grim predictions we are facing will this time not pass uneventfully. For the first time there is real science backing all the fears….and the sudden realization that the ancients weren’t necessarily “ancient minded” after all. Funny…if it all turns out that we knew for thousands of years….and somehow forgot until it was too late.

  6. I beleive that big changes will occur but my gut feeling is that this map is just a money making scam and teh guy who made it is laughing all the way to the bank.


    You have a sea of information at your disposal should you want to know the truth about what is happening in our environment. Why do you take what the government says as fact? Although we are polluters of the earth and we must change that, we are not responsible for global warming. Investigate for yourselves and don’t follow blindly. This global warming hoax is nothing more than a contrived story by the governments in order to create more controls over the individual and communities, countries too. The earth has gone through this before. Canada was once tropical, did you know that? The earth is in a wobble right now. The magnetic north pole is no longer over Canada but is now 15 degrees off and headed for syberia. We may even expect a pole flip. The sun is also much hotter. Notice how white it is these days? All of the other planets are warming too…..there are no people or cars or factories on those planets in case you didn’t notice.
    If people will continue to be ignorant and not investigate themselves they will be swindled out of control over their water, their land and their lives. Wake up and look at the broader agenda.

  8. Czech President Klaus ready to debate Gore on climate change

    “Like their (communist) predecessors, they will be certain that they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their idea reality,” he said.

    “In the past, it was in the name of the Marxists or of the proletariat – this time, in the name of the planet,” he added.

    Klaus said a free market should be used to address environmental concerns and said he oppposed as unrealistic regulations or greenhouse gas capping systems designed to reduce the impact of climate change.

    “It could be even true that we are now at a stage where mere facts, reason and truths are powerless in the face of the global warming propaganda,” he said.

    Klaus alleged that the global warming was being championed by scientists and other environmentalists whose careers and funding requires selling the public on global warming.

    “It is in the hands of climatologists and other related scientists who are highly motivated to look in one direction only,” Klaus said.

  9. This is the time for us to connect with whom we come from. The earth changes are just our creator’s (in my case GOD) way of cleansing the earth from all the destruction man has caused. It is also a time for us to be happy for the changes are for our highest and best. Take time to re connect to source and love one another.

  10. This is nothing more than a money making scheme by Scallion. I saw him on a show that was
    aired about end of the world predictions in the early-mid ninety’s and took an interest. His
    first book (which I bought)is full of inaccuracies now and his future map originally had from 1998 to 2001 on it. [Now convienently it is 2012, the “Mayan Calander” date, how original!]
    Go to the matrix institute and you will see it is all about money and not trying to help people. Scallion is an Edgar Cayce rip-off artist, and if you read Edgar Cayce’s works, he was a real person who cared about people and NEVER CHARGED for readings. All true prophets have as a basis LOVE, not GREED. Gordon Michael Scallion should just sell his “PREDICTIONS” as Sci-Fi, like so many other sci-fi authors have done. Who knows, he might even make more money. Read the Bible. Jesus gave the signs, but with God-like wisdom WITHHELD the DATE so we would be ready. Don’t feed into false prophets and “futurists” who prey on fear. Trust in God, who loves us all. You can get a Bible for free almost anywhere….

  11. This information is too delicate to throw away. However the uathenticity of it all is also not too certain. We must exercise utmost caution in disregarding this prophecy. In the past most prophetic occurences were always treated as something unimportant and at the end of the day mankind has had to pay for it. I have read some articles in which case only mankind is the last to decipher great catatostrphic happenings. In the end it is alwasy too devastating. Caution should be exercised in disregarding this map. We must use every information to study world happenings.

  12. It ALL comes from Cayce; all these new people are just saying whay he said and still they have to keep changing THEIR dates! Absurd. If you get tt know the CReadings you will never care what these fakes say at all! Just read Cayce; a true Prophet. And if you want to understand all of it read Meher Baba.
    The deepest, clearest, cleanest and highest source for understanding what jesus said, what Buddha said, waht Mohammed said and WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN.

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