Shtikl Cartoons by Dushan Wegner


name is Dushan Wegner, 31, former Journalist, author of a book on
Videojournalism and now student of philosophy in Cologne, Germany
After years of work with Flash and other visual gimmicks in the Dotcom industry
and some time in TV fostering the DV-Revolution, I have rediscovered the joy of
studying philosophy, writing stories and drawing little semi-philosophical
cartoons with pen and paper.

I must confess to be quite cliché on this. My favourite contemplating place is
some coffee parlor where they need seven words to describe one cup of beverage.
But coffee the price of a third world monthly income makes me feel cozy inside, a feeling best accompanied by a book, or my
fake Moleskine and a pen.

use the original Moleskine calendar and pocket book, but not the sketchpad.
That is for two reasons: I want white pages, so crispy white that I still can
hear the tree falling into an unduly death. And there is the price issue as
well, as the local art supply store sells fake Moleskines for half the price of
the original. (And what is "original" anyway, talking about oilcloth
covered notebooks?)

For the cartoons you see on I use a 0.3 Copic fine pen and color
the pics later with Copic Ciao markers. In the recent cartoons I used mainly E00
(skin) and C-3 (light grey). I scan the pics in, leaving the paper’s edges
visible. (I had been doing some experiments with Wacom, but for me it only
works for corrections. Its results seem so sterile.) The only Photoshop work I
have done on the newest stuff is contrast and brightness."

Dushan Wegner
Creator of Shtikl Cartoons


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  1. Thanks, folks. Hope you enjoy the stuff on!

    Moleskinerie for sure has become a daily read for me. And I like the sidetracks too, like e.g. the Daniel Pearl article.


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