To Know Oneself


"Thoreau said in Walden; Or, Life in the Woods, “Direct your
eye sight inward, and you’ll find, A thousand regions in your mind, Yet
undiscovered. Travel them, and be expert in home-cosmography”.

Becoming a naturalist of the mind is challenging because we rarely take
the time to observe ourselves, to see how we ‘think, feel, and react or
act in situations’, without labeling or judging ourselves in the

But a naturalist does just that – he or she observes, notes, in a very
neutral way, without passing judgment or labeling, just seeing what is
and noting it ‘in neutral’. (Try watching ants for a moment, just
observing and seeing where they go and what they do)…"

"To Know Oneself"
Susan Smalley

The Huffington Post

Image: US Fish & Wildlife

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