Write Like Jane Austen


"Paying homage to a favourite author can be a painful and tricky thing, so please
don’t suppose that this font, though made up out of characters written by Jane
Austen, is really quite equal to her handwriting. Like every intelligent person,
she commanded lots of varying letter forms, depending on the way those letters
were connected, and their position in a given word. Her words are clearly
diminishing towards the end. Her i-dots are flying around a good deal, but of
course they never collide with other characters (which will happen inevitably,
when they are fixed in a font), and, worst of all, her strokes will sometimes
look rather blotchy and sometimes rather thin, depending on how many ink was in
her pen at a given moment — and had that pen been recently mended,
or was it in urgent need of mending? — so that it’s next to
impossible to decide on their intended broad- or thinness. However, creating
something like an average image has been the aim of my font, and naturally, this
has endowed it with the principal flaw of all typefaces: it’s looking far too

Pia Frauss
Jane Austen Fonts

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