Perfume Legends

‘Magnificent. The world’s leading writer on the subject.’  The Observer, London  ‘It is the first time that a book about perfume speaks about the perfumer.’ Francis Fabron, Perfumer (L’Air du Temps, Fracas, etc.) ‘This is a fascinating book for anyone... Read More


Portable Analog Storage Device

"My Moleskine classic pocket plain notebook arrived from Ninth Wave Designs’ eBay store. But first about the pencils. Until now I’ve used a Pilot G2 07 pen. Great pens. But I’ve been wanting to try out pencils. I was in... Read More



"I often wonder what people think as they sit on trains – are they wondering about the day’s events either preceeding or to follow this ride? Are they replaying last night’s embarrassment over and over in their minds as their... Read More


Tuxedo cat

"This sweet cat was sketched with a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil in my large Moleskine…" Kathleen MarieVisit her blog, "So Many... Read More


Manual EXIF

"This is what I have to do to keep track of times and exposures on night photo forays. No EXIF data for me. As you can see, sometimes there are dud shots and screw ups so it’s really fun getting... Read More


Traveling Hope

" This project blossomed out of the exchange between bloggers who share one common concern: cancer. If you have read the many beautiful, angry, touching, bitter, honest, caring, inspiring words, then you understand the virtual community that has been built... Read More



"Cartoleria Pantheon, established 1910, is tucked away on a small street beside the Pantheon in Rome. I stumbled across it while on Easter break in 2003, and what a treasure for someone like me! The walls are lined with blank... Read More


Captain William Bligh’s Logbook

"Captain William Bligh, Captain of the Bounty in Tahiti in 1789, was cast adrift in the middle of the South Pacific in an 18-foot longboat by mutineers lead by Fletcher Christian. He and his remaining loyal seamen sailed nearly four... Read More



"Sometime in the mid 1990s, I became interested in how many cities have a street named for Martin Luther King Jr., and how many of these MLK Blvds seemed to have an awful lot of abandoned property, scary-looking bars, and... Read More


Moleskine Charity Auction in Portugal

INDE (, is a Portuguese non profit organization whose objectives are to contribute so that the people, the communities, and the institutions and/or the associations that these people and communities constitute can strengthen the capacities to decide in its way... Read More