Fit To Be Thai’d


"I’m getting fit to be thai’d," he said. And then ruined a good joke by
snickering at his cleverness.

It was clever. When the two of us went to Thailand in October, 2005, I
decided to name my Moleskine accordingly.
I know I should have used the sketchbook size. Or I could have brought a
pad of drawing paper or watercolor paper. But shoulda coulda just made me
anxious. I’ve only been drawing since April, and consider myself an ardent wanna
be artist. I’ve been carrying lined pocketsize Moleskines since 2001 in my
purse, making notes, copying out poems, making lists. I’ve published three books
that borrowed heavily from my rough cut notes. I love my baby Moleskines. My
first sketch was of an airplane (done from a cocktail napkin on a plane) when I
had nothing to read. They cannot possibly inhibit me. And so that’s what I
brought with me to Thailand, number 8 of the Short Moleskines Collection."

Fit To Be Thai’d


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to Fit To Be Thai’d

  1. I keep meaning to add stickers and notes etc. to my Moleskine but never get around to it. I have taped tickets and interesting receipts into it. Might bring back some memories someday.


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