Design Your Life

I noticed this site via, what else but the Design Observer. It does make you stop, smell, notice and THINK how design affect our lives.


"…I was noticing that the women around me were
doing design, too. One friend wanted to open a chocolate shop and was
working on a graphic identity and business plan using desktop tools.
One of my students had ventured into “altered books,” the grittier,
edgier corner of the scrap-booking movement; a talented web designer as
well, she was documenting these one-of-a-kind objects on her new site,
itself designed using collage techniques. Another friend and her sister
were taking their love of sewing and fabric into a scarf-making
business; I was thrilled when they asked me to help design a logo,
business card, and web site.

I began to realize that I was designing my life, and that many other
women and men were embarked on similar paths, thanks to changes in
technology, a heightened sense of design among consumers, and the rise
of DIY workshops, magazines, and communities…."

Julia Lupton
Design Your Life

Their Manifesto:

"Over the past fifteen years, the word “design” has
been bandied about in the popular press, as designer jeans, designer teapots,
and designer drugs have captured our imagination—if not our understanding. When
we hear the word design, we often think of a sleekly styled product or
a great piece of fashion or an attractively decorated room. We might also think
of the professional designers who have been trained to create such objects or

DESIGN YOUR LIFE is not about shopping or decorating. Nor is it about a caste
of specialists endowed with mysterious talents and impenetrable secrets.

DESIGN YOUR LIFE is about thinking."


Design Observer