Favorite Kind of Moleskine


"My favorite kind is the Pocket Ruled. Although I’m starting to see the
virtues of the Pocket Sketchbook for some collage work.

I had a pack of 3 cahiers, but they were a little too flimsy for me. Just not worth the price, IMHO.

I don’t own any regularly-sized Moleskines notebooks and I doubt I ever
will. I like a different style of notebook for my large ones. Something
a little more regal.

I recently introduced my girlfriend to them. She now has a weekly 2006
calendar, a set of small memo pockets, and two pocket reporters (she’s
left handed).

What do you guys like? And why? What is it about your design that you love so much? Why does it fit you so well?"

Fiveyearwinter @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR.
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Image: Alcarwen