Gardening with Moss


“Moss is wonderful because it doesn’t need to be mowed and it eliminates the
use of pesticides, fertilizers and liming,” says Cook, who describes herself as
an “ecological” landscape designer. “It also doesn’t need much water or weeding,
is evergreen, and deer don’t eat it.”

Bryologists, who study moss, do not
have an exact date for when this type of plant first emerged, but it may be as
far back as 350 to 700 million years ago. “Scientists now think moss was likely
the first type of land plant,” explains Cook.

Moss can grow in an
enormous range of conditions, from sunny to shady and from hot to cold. Moss is
classified into 15,000 different species, 1,200 of which can be found in North
America. With so many types of moss the odds are there is one that thrives in
your conditions…"

Gardening with Moss
By Stephanie White


[Via Rebecca Blood]