Moleskine Charity Auction in Portugal


INDE (, is a Portuguese non profit organization whose objectives are to contribute so that the people, the communities, and the institutions and/or the associations that these people and communities constitute can strengthen the capacities to decide in its way of life, can guarantee material conditions of a life with dignity, that is guaranteed the basic rights to it to the democracy, the education, the culture, the influence in the social transformations, and to the participation in the different spheres of activity and the exercise of a citizenship asset.


INDE is having an Moleskine auction. This auction starts the 28th  November and it’s composed by Moleskines of several Portuguese celebrities. You can find Moleskines from Music bands, journalists, actors, writers. Names like Ruy de Carvalho, Xutos e Pontapés, Eunice Muñoz are some of the few artists that gave their Moleskines to this charity auction. You can find all the details and photos here: and the auction is being held here: All the sites are in Portuguese but you can check them with Google’s translation  tools.

Ricardo Saramago