Moleskine Diaries 2006 Display AND Things I’m Not Allowed to Tell

We can almost hear Patrick typing breathlessly…


"Today I touched the actual prototypes of a few new models, I even took
pictures but I’m not allowed to share with everybody for now, but these I can
    * Watercolor Notebook: Pocket and Large size, due to arrive Hong Kong
about Feb 2006. 60/72 detachable pages, heavy paper 200 gsm – 25% cotton fiber –
cold pressed, expandable pocket, no bookmark. To get the best quality paper that
has same quality surface for both sides of a page, Modo&Modo sourced the
paper from France. You use these watercolor notebook horizontally…"

Patrick Ng

4 thoughts on “Moleskine Diaries 2006 Display AND Things I’m Not Allowed to Tell

  1. Hey – A question about page lay-out. A couple of years ago, they had half of each page for appointments, half for to-do’s. Then last year they changed it to almost the whole page for appoinments. Being OCD, myself, I cannot write to-dos is the space for appointments and I need more space for to-dos than appointments. Anyway. Has the layout changes back this year? Or is it still most of the page for appointments?

  2. John, for 2006 diary that you can buy today, they are all appointments, except a special edition found in Italy. For 2007 they will definitely change to left side for appointment, right side for notes.

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