MOLESKINE NOTES ENTRY: “Joy and Revolution”


Moleskine. “What is it? What do they do?” These were the first things I asked myself when I saw a buddy of mine pull his [Moleskine] out.  A clean black textured cover, giving it a very modern and classy look, a bound black elastic band to keep it’s precious contents safe accidents and weathering, and a clever purplish ribbon placeholder. In class I would peak over his shoulder to see what he was doing with it [drawing]. This wasn’t just any ordinary notebook or diary, you don’t treat notebooks  with as much care as he did, there was a feeling of pride that he exuded. May 6, 2005 at 3:50 pm: This was the first time I was introduced to the Moleskine and bought one of my own (and I have documented proof).

I was never the type to keep a weekly planner or notebook. I always found it easier to rip off a piece of paper, make a note ,and stick it in my pocket to find and remind myself later on in the day. I had tried to keep a weekly planner for school, my mom insisted so,  but I would always forget to write down my assignments or to check it when I arrived home after school. So I gave up on that idea. A half decade later I began my freshman year of college at Southern Oregon University. Assignments are flying at me from every direction, scheduled meetings with fellow classmates for midterms and quizzes, and notes I need to make myself in order to keep my school and social life stable. I went through the entire first two terms this way, rushed because I’m forgetting materials and meetings. During that frantic time I met a friend that would change all of that and would eventually lead to becoming a front liner for advertising the Moleskine to others.

I met Don my second term of college in my Environmental Studies class. One day he asked my what kind of soda I wanted, it was a lecture class and I never had time to eat before, so I asked for a Pepsi. When he proceeded down the stairs, I saw him pull out this little black book and flip to the back. Inside there was a “secret” pocket that concealed a few dollar bills used for emergencies or giving others change. When he arrived from the pop machine I immediately asked about his little book. “it’s a Moleskine,” Don exclaimed. I replied with “What the hell is a Moleskine?” For the rest of the class he let me check out his M and answered any questions I had about them: Where to purchase them, how much they cost, are they worth it. He had his present one for about a year so he knew a bunch of  “hacks” I could use when I first started off: Tab hack, TOC hack, and the hyperlink hack. The first thing I wrote in my M was “Applied science paper,” then below that “Topic?” I couldn’t stop writing in my Moleskine. I wrote ideas that I had about everything and anything, about school, work. I also wrote outlines for papers and works cited pages. Events of the week and how much money I have spent were the most popular of everything I wrote. And the most fun I had with my Moleskine is the drawings, especially when you see or hear something really awkward and funny going on, little pictures/doodle made the experience worth while. Towards the end of my first Moleskine I started longer entries, usually about how school or work went, or specials events I had with my friends. Those are the best to go back and read no matter what: Good, bad, funny,  or sad, it was always interesting to see what was going on at that time in my life. Memories are memories.

Mkes_7Currently I am working on my second Moleskine. I bought it just before my second year of college started. This one is mainly long entries. Now that a lot of my friends have gone our separate ways in life and school I don’t get to see them as much. When I start to think about them, it always helps if I write it out in my Moleskine to get it off my mind or to remind myself to call them. I made a Phone number page in the back that I can transfer throughout my future Moleskines. And of course I have the usual “To-Do” list and other ideas I might think up. I also have started to make notes on what to post on my weblog, It seems that the uses for just the pocket Moleskine are endless, not to mention the uses for all the other M’s. I am impressed with what a simple notebook can do. I find that I am more organized throughout the day, and that my writing has improved and just seems to flow better. And the best part of all, I have all my memories form the past  hidden in this little black book that wont short circuit or burn out like a computer does. This is special. This is permanent. This is a Moleskine.

"Joy and Revolution"
By Adam Machado

Image: Karen Winters
© All rights reserved. Used with permission

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