Moleskine on top of the world

After the "My Moleskine" exhibition organised in Hong Kong in April 2005, the exhibition is now moving toT_taipei101 Taiwan. 32 artists will exhibit their work on  Moleskine notebooks, with the addition of 8 new Taiwanese artist. The exhibition will take place in Taipei Page One on the 4th floor or
Taipei 101 (the tallest building in the world) from November 4th to
December 31st, 2005.

Working Unit, in collaboration with Page One bookstore, has launched in
early 2005r an artistic project called My Moleskine.  Its
straightforward concept is sure to evoke some remarkable insights into
the creative process: artistic minds from various professions –
writers, painters, graphic designers, musicians, photographers and
architects – and different geographical locations – Hong Kong,
Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the USA – were each
invited to choose one model from the Moleskine collection in which to
give expression to their own unique and individual process of artistic
development.  While each artist was encouraged to freely fill his or
her notebook with any media and content, the notebook’s journal-like
format inspired numerous contribution of a more personal nature. 

Mol_tpei_1Above all, My Moleskine focuses on the creative process. It is an
exploration of works-in-progress, rather than a conclusive presentation
of final artworks.  A journey through the inventive trajectory, this
exhibition is a discovery of how projects evolve and what inspires an
artist to choose certain directions while abandoning others.

My Moleskine: Taipei Exhibition

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  1. I was there! The exhibition was very interesting. Audience had to wear gloves to flip the pages inside the glass box. I spent more than an hour viewing most of the sketches!

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