Moleskine Fan Video

Presenting the first Moleskine fan video I’ve seen:


"I don’t know if you’ve ever featured a video about Moleskine but I would like to submit the following video to share with others. Late 2004 I played the part of a vengeful, katana-welding guy waiting for the chance to exact revenge.  I started to become a fan of Moleskine August 2005 and went back to look at the footage of this project to find out that a prop I used was none other that a Moleskine Plain Paper Pocket Notebook… that I was writing in upside-down no-less.  So I decided to re-edit the footage to feature the notebook.   What resulted was the most random little thing I have ever produced…. 

Features the song "Nothing At All" by Rob Dougan
Graphics borrowed from and"

Michael Shu


I know this is just the beginning. The Molies, anyone?
Thanks Michael!

6 thoughts on “Moleskine Fan Video

  1. The 2006 Molie Awards? I suggest the following categories:

    Best Video
    Travel & Documentary
    Original Musical Score

    Also: Short stories and essays, spoken word (podcasts?) graphic arts

    Whatever y’all decide to “produce” remember: its just a notebook, its what you put in there that matters.

  2. I can’t get the visual to play on my computer! Dang! !

    But I did want to say that I think the ‘Molies Awards’ would be nice. As for myself, I think I am a ‘Moleskiner.’

  3. Hi guys! Just dropping by to tell this very website is included on my daily readings. I’ve been a moleskine fan since forever but unfortunately they are very very expensive here in Brazil (you can’t find a small sketchbook for less than 35 bucks and it’s being sold in 2 unknown places). It’s outrageous! So I had to ask my sister, she’s in France and got me a sketchbook for half the price that brazilian stationery shops are selling.

  4. Somebody emailed me asking for the rules. Well, we don’t have any…yet. The “Molies” or whatever it may finally be called or if it even comes to fruition is really just a suggestion at this point. But if you have a Moleskine-related video we’d be glad to link to it. Please credit all your materials.

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