My Moleskine: Wolf Kettler


"I only just realised that keeping notes on paper is much like making
photographs on film: It slows one down and makes the process deliberate and
therefore meaningful. I want to be slowed down, I want to be made to think about
my photographs before I create them.Nothing is worse than a collection of hundreds of cheap, colourful, bad
little digital pictures that have been made for no reason at all (correction –
they are not made, they are truly taken), that have no meaning at all and that
nobody wants to see because there is nothing to see…"


"Attached is a snapshot of one of my own Moleskines, which I use as my ideas
repository. It is full of notes and sketches, produced with my Aurora fountain
pen – ideas for photographs. I find it satisfying to keep ideas for a period of
time, revisit and re-work them, and only then to realise them on film. Very
satisfying. Another Moleskine lives in my equipment bag and is used to record
shooting data, names and locations, etc."

Wolf Kettler
Visit his website.


Greetings to our friends in Racine, WI, Perth, Port Moody, BC, Osaka, Berlin, Lyon, Croiva, Lancaster, Parow, Curutiba, Malm, Amman, Oaxaca, Kerala, San Salvador, Guayaquil, Lisboa, Petaling Jaya, Tel Aviv, Lahore, Ikeja, Toscana, Bogota, Kwanju, Lima and Montevideo.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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  1. Very nice! In 10 years it’ll be fin to go back and look at that.


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