No Moles Were Hurt : Volume 1 No. 1

Nm150I’ve been asked a lot of questions about how this blog came to be and what the hell was I thinking when I started it nearly two years ago. As they say, its a long story but I might as well start telling it. Beginning today, I will be posting an occasional commentary from the trenches – a behind-the-scenes peek at

"The product always comes first" was, is and will always be my mantra. After all we’re talking about "The Notebook" here. However, I have since realized that the people who use this notebooks are a quirky lot and have a lot of stories to tell. I promise that the innocent will be protected and those who don’t wish to be will remain unnamed.

Lately I have noticed marketers talking about our little blog and how it has become a case study for something they call "brand loyalty" and creating "passionate consumers." I never even thought about that on the day I started. All I knew was that I got approximately 60,000 results when I. Googled for "moleskine" at that time. Now there are 2,070,000. That is number 5 on that list is mind-boggling. Imagine the number of blank pages waiting to be filled with stories and sketches and empty pockets waiting to be crammed with tokens, tickets, stamps, and other keepsakes.

If there is one overwhelming emotion that I feel it is gratitude. From the astronomy student in Poland who wrote apologizing that she can’t afford to donate anything but her efforts (I asked her to gaze at the stars for the rest of us) to the profuse "arigato" of a Japanese friend whose photo we coincidentally  featured on her birthday ("Doitashimashite" is the proper response says Tatsuo), to "anonymous" who gave us a spanking, brand-new laptop, to our volunteers and everyone who visit us daily or infrequently – thank you very much.

Rest assured no moles were hurt in the making of this blog.


6 thoughts on “No Moles Were Hurt : Volume 1 No. 1

  1. You got a new laptop? Excellent!

    Now I can stop feeling guilty for my tiny donation — I’d just given big $$ to the Red Cross and even bigger $$$ to a friend who’s heat, hot water and cooking were all DOA until a leaky gas pipe could be fixed. Talk about “donor fatigue!” I’m glad I could help these worthy causes, but the next time someone offers to buy my Moleskine sketchbook, I may have to say, “How much?” rather than clutching it possessively and shaking my head an emphatic NO!

    (This actually happened at an art show this summer. I was chatting with one of the other artists while on “walkabout” through the show, and when asked what kind of art I do, I took out my little sketchbook to give them a general idea. He wanted to buy the half-finished sketchbook! I reacted like he was offering to buy a limb. I think my hang-up was that I was only about half-way done with the sketchbook. I still wanted to know how it ended! …plus, I needed some of those sketches for paintings, also going to worthy causes like the local Arthritis Foundation’s silent auction.)

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re getting what you need encouragement-wise and as well as economically to continue this site that so many have come to enjoy.

  2. I find absolute delight in your website. It is my first stop in the morning when my computer comes on. It gives me a lift for the day and insights into things I would otherwise not know about. I LOVE my M and this site. I would be lost with out both.

    Thanks for providing it and helping to make my life a little brighter.

  3. I only discovered Moleskinerie a few days ago…but I have really enjoyed starting at the beginning and working my way through the older entries. What a treat to be able to visit this blog, a place where others share my passion for putting pen on paper (and of course, the pen and the paper themselves!).

    I feel like I’ve found “my people”.

  4. Great feature! Letting us hear the Story, the Creation of Moleskinerie, and a bit about yourself…it really adds to the family, or community, feeling. This place is truly like a charming, if bizarre and bohemian, oasis in a desert of drudgery. In fact, I take a semi-Luddite pleasure in seeing that even in the age of Bluetooth and BlackBerry, Apples, I-Pods and every other confluence of intellect and electricity, this little haven exists for people who are still entranced, captivated and delighted by the wonder of a small notebook made of paper, fiberboard and thread.
    Insert cosmic smile here.
    I am not online much lately due to some other issues that are more important each evening, but when I do get on, I always look forward to a visit to the Moleskinerie. It refreshes the soul.
    Thanks for everything.

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