MOLESKINE NOTES ENTRY: “Joy and Revolution”

Moleskine. “What is it? What do they do?” These were the first things I asked myself when I saw a buddy of mine pull his [Moleskine] out.  A clean black textured cover, giving it a very modern and classy look,... Read More


Sigur Rós Special Edition Moleskine

The Sigur Ros Moleskine Cahier featured earlier is now available online. "A Fantastic set of 3 Cahier’s note books made by Moleskine. Sigur ros artwork on the front of each one with the text Sigur ros on the back cover."... Read More


How do your pronounce “Moleskine” ?

antigone: "I’ve always pronounced it mo-LES-kin… guess that ain’t even nearly right. But how exactly do you pronounce ‘molaskeena’ anyway? ‘Mol-A-skeena’? ‘Mol-A-skeen-A’? ‘Molaskeen-A’? Can you hear the last ‘a’ (like in ‘china’) or is it somehow swallowed? English isn’t my... Read More


Sightings: Threshold

"the episode was "The Order," which aired on 10/21/05. Actor Rob Benedict, who plays  "astronautical engineer"  Lucas Pegg, the anxious nerdy member of the Threshold team, refers to his notes in a Moleskine while talking on his cell phone. I... Read More


Aurora Borealis

The onset of cold weather always remind me of these heavenly wonders.   "Northern lights is the name of a light phenomenon often seen in the northern regions. The lights have been around since Earth formed an atmosphere -the dinosaurs... Read More


Seattle Bon Vivant

Viv over at Seattle Bon Vivant has this to say about her new Daily Planner: " As much as I love technology and all the nifty gadgets that make our lives easier and more fun (can we say Sidekick?) my... Read More


Favorite Kind of Moleskine

"My favorite kind is the Pocket Ruled. Although I’m starting to see the virtues of the Pocket Sketchbook for some collage work. I had a pack of 3 cahiers, but they were a little too flimsy for me. Just not... Read More


Gardening with Moss

“Moss is wonderful because it doesn’t need to be mowed and it eliminates the use of pesticides, fertilizers and liming,” says Cook, who describes herself as an “ecological” landscape designer. “It also doesn’t need much water or weeding, is evergreen,... Read More


First Thoughts

" On parchment, my words are free to come slowly. A thought must be well thought lest it drop to the paper and lie incorrectly. Perhaps it would be a good idea to write down everything that I say before... Read More